The year, 2026.

Women are on the verge of extinction.

A deadly kissing virus, carried by men and transmitted to women only, wiped out 80% of the female population on the earth.

Some teenage girls struggled to survive.

As a "safety", the US government initiated a project to deport all the remaining girls into areas supposed to protect them. This project has a name :


Emily is one of these girls. And yet she's allowed to live with her overprotective dad in a secured house.

Her father, known by all the girls as "Dad", is a legend. He's the one who created the "Pink Zone" project. He rules over the zone as he rules over his daughter.

Today Emily is 17 and, as always, she's being bullied by her female classmates.

But when a group of juvenile delinquents coming from outside the "Pink Zone" decides to cross the border to get Emily, everything is about to change...